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The Toronto Railway Club is a group of railway and transit personnel and suppliers who meet regularly to connect, expand their networks, and keep in touch. The Toronto Railway Club was originally founded in 1931 to provide a forum for railroad personnel and the railway suppliers to exchange ideas, share common problems and explore solutions.


The Club holds numerous events throughout the year which is ideal as networking opportunities. Our website: has additional information on our history, events, newsletters, and programs.


The Club is funded through annual memberships, currently over 500, and also through sponsorship support by companies such as yours.  We would like to invite your company to be a sponsor of The Toronto Railway Club: 


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits


The three levels of sponsorship opportunities are:

1.  Platinum

2.  Gold

3.  Silver


For cost and benefit information on our available Sponsorship levels, click here!


Sponsporship Inquiries


Contact us today for further information on Sponsorship Opportunities!

 Sponsorship Committee Contacts:



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