2022 Joe Bettinelli – AMG Metals
2021 Vlad Jean-Pierre – VIA Rail
2020 Vlad Jean-Pierre – VIA Rail
2019 Michael Sheahan – Hatch
2018 Gord Strilchuk – PNR RailWorks
2017 Orest Kobylansky – TTC
2016 Bob McKeracher – Mechanical Systems Remanufacturing
2015 Mary Proc, Metrolinx
2014 Dan Jagos, AECOM
2013 Brian Kirk, Hallcon Corporation
2012 Bernie Maskerine, Maskerine & Associates
2011 Remi Landry, Chief Rail Operations, GO Transit
2010 Gregory Percy, Vice-President, Operations, GO Transit
2009 Paul Kerry, Area Manager, Business Development, Canadian Pacific Railway
2008 Susan Reed Tanaka,Manager – Engineering, Toronto Transit Commission
2007 John Kushnir, Deputy Area Service Manager – Alberta, Canadian Pacific Railway
2006 Ken Rose, Senior Manager Real Estate, Southwestern Ontario, VIA Rail Canada
2005 Christopher Jones, Director of Operations, Expressway, Canadian Pacific Railway
2004 Sam Spares, Director of Operations, Toronto Terminals Railway (retired)
2003 Frank Peters, Director Intermodal Operations, Canadian Pacific Railway (retired)
2002 Keith Bonnyman, Asst. Comptroller Recoverable Expenses, CN
2001 Jim Presley, Manager Engineering, Canadian Pacific Railway (retired)
2000 Alain Thauvette, Senior General Manager, CN (retired)
1999 Pat Gagné,Director of Special Projects, Canadian Pacific Railway (retired)
1998 Richard Chorkawy, Director Commuter Operations, CN (retired)
1997 Terry McManaman, Vice President, Gulf Division, CN, (retired)
1996 Jed Drew, Director Industrial Railroads, Canac International Inc. (retired)
1995 Richard Bell, Director Service Design, Canadian Pacific Railway (retired)
1994 Barry Bahm, Manager Intermodal Operations, CN Rail (retired)
1993 Cameron Muir, General Manager Mechanical Planning, Canadian Pacific Rwy (retired)
1992 Ken White, Regional Manager, Planning & Administration, (retired) CN Rail
1991 Bill Krestinski, Chief of Unit Engineering, (retired) CP Rail
1990 Rick Richardson, Chief Engineer, CN North America (retired)
1989 Greg Geddis, Manager, CP Rail (retired)
1988 A.G. (Tony) Lennon, Q.C., Regional Counsel, (retired) CN Rail
1987 C.E. (Ted) Minto, General Manager, Operation & Maintenance, (retired) CP Rail
1986 W.A. Miller, Assistant Chief Car, CN Rail (retired)
1985 G.A. Swanson, Vice-President, Operation & Maintenance, (retired) CP Rail
1984 John Jeronimus, Regional Engineer, Bridges & Structures, (retired) CN Rail
1983 A.A. Boyar, Superintendent, CP Rail
1982 W.J. Law, Associate General Solicitor, CN Rail
1981 W.F. Cox, Superintendent, Transportation, CP Rail
1980 C.H. Rose, Manager, Purchases & Materials, CN Rail
1979 L.A. Hill, General Manager, Operation & Maintenance, CP Rail
1978 D.F. Mills, Coordinator Special Projects, CN Rail
1977 W.M. Riley, President, CP Express Ltd.
1976 W.J. Wanamaker, Regional Chief Engineer, CN Rail
1975 J.B. Scythes, President, Scythes & Company Ltd.
1974 W.W. Stinson, President & Chief Executive Officer, CP Limited
1973 J.A. Hill, General Manager, T. H. & B. Railway
1972 S.E. Spencer, Assistant Vice-President, CN Railway (retired)
1971 W.J. Bowers, President, CP Express Ltd.
1970 R.M. Veenis, Assistant Vice-President, CN Railway
1969 W.J. Presley, General Manager, Operations & Maintenance, CP Rail
1968 J.W. Rowley, Chief Mechanical Officer, T. H. & B. Railway
1967 R.E. Lawless, President & Chief Executive Officer, VIA Rail (retired)
1966 A.E. Emery, Assistant Regional Manager, Telecommunications, CP Rail
1965 R.B. Steele, Regional Manager, Telecommunications, CN Rail
1964 L.N. Winslade, Superintendent, Motive Power & Rollingstock, CP Rail
1963 N.V. Back, Chief Engineer, T. H. & B. Railway
1962 H. Maude, Purchasing Agent, CN Railway
1961 E.O.N. Furlong, Purchasing Agent, CP Railway
1960 W.E. Griffiths, Regional Chief Engineer, CN Railway
1959 D.L. Chambers, Assistant to the Vice-President, CP Railway
1958 P.W. Hankinson, Vice-President & General Manager, T. H. & B. Railway
1957 W.C. Bowra, System Vice-President, CN Railway
1956 R.H. Yarnell, Purchasing Agent, CP Railway
1955 W.H. Paterson, General Manager Subway Constr., Toronto Transit Commission
1954 W.R. Burnett, Q.C., Regional Counsel, CN Railway
1953 W.B. Salter, General Manager, Penn Central (Jan. – Feb.)
1953 F.D. Turville, Q.C., Solicitor, CP Railway (March – Dec.)
1952 G.W. Miller, Assistant Chief Engineer, CP Railway
1951 N.A. Walford, General Manager, CN Railway
1950 G.N. Curley, Vice-President, CP Railway
1949 W.M. Armstrong, Assistant Vice-President, R&D, CN Railway
1948 J.F. Neild, Electrical Engineer, Toronto Transit Commission
1947 J.E. Coulter, President, CP Express Ltd
1946 S.O. Martin, General Superintendent Express Dept., CN Railway
1945 J.W. Hughes, General Electric Engineer, CP Railway
1944 G.A. Stokes, General Superintendent, CN Railway
1943 C.A. Wheeler, District Master mechanic, CP Railway
1942 W.J. Warnick, Assistant to the President, T. H. & B. Railway
1941 J. B. Dunlop, Superintendent Car Shops, CN Railway
1940 N. McMillan, Assistant general Manager, CP Railway Toronto
1939 J.F. Pringle, Vice-President, CN Railway
1938 G. Roy Jones, Manager Cartage Dept., CP Express Ltd.
1937 J.A. Murphy, Superintendent, CN Railway
1936 S.W. Crabbe, General Superintendent, CP Railway
1935 J.R.W. Ambrose, Superintendent, Toronto Terminals Railway
1934 H.T. Malcolmson, President & General Manager, T.H.&B. Railway
1933 D.J. McCuaig, Superintendent, M. P. & C. E. Railway
1932 R. McKillop, Superintendent, CP Railway
1931 T.C. Hudson, General Superintendent, CN Railway