The Toronto Railways Club hosts a number of events during the year and we would encourage you to attend. The events are a great way to catch up, network and connect with other members and those in the rail and transit industry. Check out our Gallery Page to get a sense and feel of an event with the Toronto Railway Club before you experience it in person.

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A Brief History


The Toronto Railway Club was originally founded in 1931 to provide a forum for railroad personnel and the railway suppliers to exchange ideas, share common problems and explore solutions.

The Club’s original mandate was to meet on a regular basis for the
advancement and dissemination of knowledge concerning: The construction, operation and maintenance of railways and other forms of transportation; and The equipment and supplies used for the benefit of the members and the companies they represent.

Membership quickly reached 1,000 in those early months, a tribute to the members of the first executive committee. The inaugural meeting took place on March 23,1931 at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto, and was devoted chiefly to the announcement of the Club’s incorporation and election of officers. The first President of the Club was Mr. T. C. Hudson, General Superintendent, CN Railway.

The Club has evolved over time, staying true to the original mandate, and also giving members a social frame work to stay connected.



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